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JR Building is a well established company that has built an excellent reputation over the last 21 years.  Our workforce are highly skilled and dedicated who possess a diversity of skills and enjoy surmounting the challenges presented by both modern and traditional building techniques. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, outstanding service and a willingness to take on challenging and unusual projects.

The ethic and belief upon which the business is based is one of customer is king. We specialise in the private residential market and recognise the importance of respecting your home.

We operate with an open book policy of honesty with our customers and work hard to ensure excellent communication. As a result of this, the business has grown from strength to strength. From new builds to conversions to home improvements, we produce work of the highest quality and can carry out contracts up to £1.3 M


The Gillyflower wins again!

The Gillyflower is going from success to success as it has recently won the South West and Wessex region RIBA Stirling Prize for Architecture and will now go forward to the National award ceremony.

http://www.architecture.com/StirlingPrize/Awards2015/ SouthWestWessex/TheGillyfloweratElmoreCourt.aspx

And it doesn’t stop there, The Gillyflower has also been placed joint first for the Best Wedding Venue by Hudsons Heritage Awards and was featured in April 22nd 2015 Country Life magazine



Campaign to Protect Rural England

We are pleased to announce on 1st October 2014 we were presented with an award for the Gillyflower, Elmore Court from the Campaign to Protect Rural England for "creating a building that shows great imagination and sensitivity, that respects the important historic setting of Elmore Court while providing as adaptable entertainment venue"

Many of our clients enjoy the fact they can create a beautiful, compliant building using natural products, often from their own land, like earth for the rammed walls and trees, as structural features of their designs, making the building as eco and sustainable as possible and reducing the carbon footprint of the build.

We are able to use modern products and sympathetically blend them with the traditional build methods and techniques to allow us to meet the current legislation on sustainability.



Featured Projects


Doverow Barn

Barn conversion recently completed. Modern standards in a very old revitalised building. Air Source Heat pump heating.

Ongoing project near Cheltenham

Building a retirement home for a local estate owner on the historic estate grounds. 3 Large bedroom, traditional appearance in combination with modern insulation levels and renewable heat sources.

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Ashlar House

Ashlar House was a listed building with a building control enforcement notice placed upon it. It had suffered over 10 years of being unused and un maintained. The roof leaked, chimneys and masonry were failing, windows in desperate need of refurbishment, the heating not functioning. The renovation was total, repair all water damage to roof, floors and walls. Replaster where necessary, refurbish sash windows, rewire, new heating system, new kitchen and bathroom, all new carpets and flooring, decoration. The project management was complete to deliver a turn key finish.

The house also suffered a lack of parking but owned a narrow garden alongside the road, The garden sloped steeply away from the roadside. The challenge was to create some parking space within a budget. The solution was a steel frame deck, drop kerbs to the path allowed access and the gravel surface allows it to be free draining and takes the steel frame look away from the structure. The garden was then completely landscaped.



Wedding Venue - 'The Gillyflower', Elmore Court

The Gillyflower is once again being featured on "Permission Impossible" formally know as "The Planners" on 11th March 2014 BBC 2 at 19:00, as a follow up to the original programme where the owner Anselm Guise submitted planning application to build a wedding venue in the grounds, to secure the future of the home that has been in his family for 750 years.



This new wedding venue is constructed using rammed earth and timber from the estate's adjacent fields and woodlands and the roof is meadow, so blends beautifully with the surrounding countryside.

See a time lapse video of the build.


Woodland Kitchen - Ruskin Mill
The new Woodland Kitchen at Ruskin Mill looks spectacular in its beautiful woodland setting, with its helical roof, resembling the shape of a snail or ammonite and wooden clad walls. The building's central feature, both structurally and practically, is the pillar or chimney which acts as both ventilation and as a flue for the wood fired cooking facilities. The aim of the building is to be as self-sufficient as possible and a fully functioning educational facility feeding the many students and staff working on the farm. Woodland Kitchen recently featured in the "Future Constructor & Architect" magazine. Click here to follow the link.


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The Smokery - Ruskin Mill College
The new smokery at Ruskin Mill College was officially opened by Channel 4's Fabulous Baker Brother Tom Herbet from Hobbs House Bakery in Nailsworth. The smokehouse will be available to cure produce which is made available to the local Tipputs Inn.



New Build - 'The Field Centre', Nailsworth
This innovative centre will serve as a place for practical and academic teaching, learning and research.We have overcome a number of challenges including Leichtlehm works (light clay straw), multi-sourced rammed earth, fish scale tiles (resolved by an Oxford Mathematics Professor), rain water harvesting with no pumps and composting toilets without the presence of a composting toilet.

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