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Gillyflower wedding party venue

The Gillyflower Project in Gloucester

This new wedding venue was constructed using rammed earth and timber from the estate’s adjacent fields and woodlands.

The venue was featured on “The Planners”, which aired on BBC2. The owner, Anselm Guise, submitted planning application to build a wedding venue in the grounds, to secure the future of the home, which had been in his family for 750 years.

It was built in association with the architects Millar Howard Workshop.

The building features rammed earth and biomass heating and is built to an incredibly high-acoustic performance to keep the noise of an event from affecting the local village. Since that project, we have completed The Coach House, an extension to the accommodation.

A 110 metre-squared commercial kitchen was built, fast-tracked, during the six-week shutdown period to serve the weddings and house. Simultaneously, the original Victorian house kitchen was refurbished into the tasting rooms for the events.

Imagination, pragmatism, energy efficiency and a forward-thinking approach play a vital role in our building projects

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